Quick Gallery - Get it!

  • Webhost
  • PHP with GD
  • FTP access
  • Some photos
  • Some spare cash

This gallery is not available to the wider public.

If you like the gallery and would like to have it for your own use, and support the development of it; please donate 5 and you will be sent the gallery file. (Developers please see below)

Please make sure you have read the requirements on the about page so you know you can use this in your setup.

Here's how (for Personal Users - or developers of a single site):

Step 1: Donate 5 (GBP) - about 6 EUR / 8 USD

Step 2: Get the Gallery File emailed to you personally by me

Step 3: Enjoy the Gallery!

Step 4: Get automatically included in mailing list for gallery updates.

Optional: Step 5: Once you realise how great this thing really is, you may, like a few kind souls already have, feel the sudden urge to donate more. Please do!

Please note, if you have previously donated to any of my gallery projects, you are entitled to receive this gallery without further donation. Please contact me and tell me what email address you donated from.


If you are a developer profiting from my work, all I ask for is a little bit bigger donation from you. Let's face it, it's an easy option for you and it's only going to be probably a fraction of a percent of what you are charging for those sites anyway...

up to 5 sites: Please donate 20 (GBP)

or upgrade for 15

up to 10 sites: Please donate 40 (GBP)

or upgrade for 35

Unlimited sites: Please donate 60 (GBP)

or upgrade for 55

Why am I asking for donations?

I used to give away both of my galleries for free. However, after tens of thousands of downloads, lots of overassuming support demands and just a handful of thank yous... I decided that I no longer wanted to work on those galleries or give them away to anyone. Sorry!

Need a host for all your photos?

If you need space for your photo collection, give these guys a go.

You get lots of space and data transfer; with a pretty decent price and you get a free domain with that too... check them out!

As a bonus, you are supporting the Quick Gallery if you use the link from this page.