Quick Gallery - FAQ

So, I'm thinking about using this gallery...

If you have any questions that are not answered here, or on the instructions page, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

1) How do I download the gallery?
You don't... send me your donation and I will send you the gallery. It's that simple!
2) Why are you asking for donations?
I used to give away both of my galleries for free. However, after tens of thousands of downloads, lots of overassuming support demands and just a handful of thank yous... I decided that I no longer wanted to work on those galleries or give them away to anyone. Sorry!
3) Does it support sub folders?
Yes, it will automatically scan any subfolders and create galleries for you. You can also have different settings for them.
4) Do I need a database for this?
No, the point of the gallery is that it is a standalone single file that creates what you see in the demos from a folder of images.
5) Are the thumbnails automatically generated and cached?
Yes, several different thumbnail sizes can be generated and they will be cached, so next time you load the page they will be faster.
6) Can I put this inside my own website template?
Generally speaking, Yes. The gallery has an 'include mode' which works out relative paths and other important stuff to try to make the gallery work when you simply include the file within your own template in PHP.

If you wish to do this, and are struggling... just ask me for some simple instructions...
7) What do I need in order to make this work?
A Webserver with PHP and GD. (Apache recommended)
8) What PHP version does this work with?
This should be fine in both 5 and 4.
9) If I'm including this in my site, will it mess with my layout?
No, all the css is defined in such a way that it can only affect the gallery itself. The javascript is separated, and you can turn of the gallery jQuery if you are already including your own.
10) Can I watermark images?
Yes, you can add a watermark on top of the images and set it's opacity, position etc... you can either use an image, or a font and whatever text you like.
11) What are those little boxes on the top right of the gallery?
Click them on the demo and find out!!!

I have the gallery... now what?

I'd like to remind you that there is a lot of information included at the start of the file, within the config section. If you spend some time reading all the config options and the comments explaining them, you will know what is possible to do with gallery.

1) How do I set up the include mode?
if you wish to use the gallery within an existing website (in the middle of your template) then set the $includemode variable to true. You need to keep your index.php within the folder you have your images in. (e.g. gallery/index.php)
DO NOT rename this file.
The folder you set your gallery and index file in should be "below" the directory the page you want it on
is in. (e.g. page "pages/photos.php" and then gallery in "pages/gallery/index.php")
then use <?php include("gallery/index.php"); ?> in your own code.
(Make sure you set all 4 options correctly for the include mode to work in your environment)
2) How do I upload Images and create albums?
You can use your FTP client to upload whole albums as sub directories... they will be automatically created.

You can also use the admin interface to create albums and upload photos.
3) How can I change image titles?
You can change the image title's by either naming the files as you wish - or by using the admin interface to rename all of them. Here you can also set captions etc. This will create a php file inside the album that has an array with all the information in it.
4) Help, the thumbnails aren't showing!!!
Make sure you have GD installed with your PHP. if in doubt try running <?php phpinfo(); ?> to find out what you do have installed.
5) How do I login to the admin area?
There should be a little link at the bottom of the page thats says 'login'. once you have logged in, each page or folder will have a link at the bottom for 'setup'. Click that and you will see the admin area for thet folder.

If you do not see the link, make sure that admin login is enabled in the config.
6) Can I limit how many images are shown?
Yes, you can set a limit, and the gallery will create pages within each folder if you so wish.
7) Can I hide folders/albums?
Yes, you can define hidden albums with their paths in an array in the configuration.
8) When will the next release be?
Who knows? when I have done modifications and improved this in anyway, all of you will be emailed with the new file.