Quick Gallery - Demo

Basic Demo

This is the basic - straight out of the box - demo.
You should try the different styles and sizes from the top right of the gallery.

View the Basic Demo (opens in a new tab)

Include Demo

This gallery has the include mode switched on and is called from a page within this site.

View the Include Demo

Themes below are not available from the usual style options in the user menu, but can only be turned on the main config

Photowall Demo

This version alternates large and small photos in the thumbnail view.

Ideal for using within your own templates to a fixed number of pics show your photography, fashion ideas or product demos...

View the Photowall Demo (opens in a new tab)

Tiles Demo

This displays square cropped thumbnails with tiny gaps... similar to how you might see photos on some phones.

The theme allows you to pick from three sizes, or use the config to define you own.

View the Tiles Demo (opens in a new tab)

Polaroid Demo

This displays cropped photos in polaroid style with handwritten image names.

This theme comes pre configured for three different sizes.

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