Quick Gallery - The Instant PHP Photo Gallery

The Quick Gallery

Photo Albums from folders in an instant with just one file

A simple and quick to implement PHP folder gallery. No setup required for basic operation - just put my index.php in a folder with images and the rest is taken care of - including any subfolders... Read the FAQ

" Fantastic gallery. So easy to set up. I just add the file to my photo uploads and my holiday album is done! "
" What a brilliantly easy way to show off my favourite holiday pics. Well worth the fiver... :) "
" I love it. So simple, yet an elegant solution. Can't wait for what you add to it next... "

Gallery Features (the short list)

Requirements (Can I use this?)

To make use of the gallery you require the following:

  • A webhost or your own "localhost" web server (need a host? try here)
  • PHP installed on the server
  • GD (image library) installed with your PHP
  • FTP or direct access to the folders you want to put the images in
  • A text editor to change the configuration values
  • spare 5 quid

Gallery Overview (What's the point?)

I have created the "quick gallery" - a PHP photo gallery - so that creating new photo galleries on your webserver would be as painless as possible.

The whole gallery consists of just one file, which can be put in a directory with your photos and the rest is automatically taken care of for you.

Have a look at the demo and the instructions to see how easy it is!

Gallery Options (What can you control?)

Themes, Thumbnails, Titles and Captions as well as File Sorting...

Album specific Password Protection, Rounded corners and shadows, EXIF info, Slideshow and Paging.

Default Album images or folder icons, breadcrumbs, backlinks...

Admin interface that lets you set album specific options and modify captions etc as well as uploading images and creating albums.

" I'm so happy with it that I've sent another donation today. I could have saved a lot of time if I had known your script earlier. With Quick Gallery I have found a tool that gives me the advantage of flashlike presentation, but programmed totally with standard php and javascript, which shows in all browsers. The installation is simple and you as a photographer can fully focus on photography and leave the presentation to Quick Gallery. "
Quick Gallery has been tested on all major browsers
Quick Gallery works on Apache and uses PHP, GD and jQuery